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We have a proven track record of success

The efficacy of ultra-large virtual screening is validated in 5+ publications, including in Nature

Past Target Screens and Awards

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Small Title

Target: SARS-CoV2

Indication: COVID-19


  • 17 proteins, 40 target sites

  • Screened 1 billion for each

  • nanomolar hits

  • cellular activity

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Small Title

Target: KEAP1-NRF2

Indication: Multiple Indications


  • Screened 1.3billion compounds

  • PPI (protein-protein interaction)

  • Best compound: 9nM Kd

  • Nature 2020

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Award: Recipient of the 2020 HPC Readers and Editors' Choice award

Past Clients

Image by Hans Reniers

Academic Labs at Top 20 US Universities

Image by RephiLe water

Private companies in the biotech, agritech, & biopharma industries 

Image by Trnava University

Boston-based start-ups, and start-ups from across the US 

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

International (Europe, Middle East, etc.) early-stage companies and academic labs 

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